Frank O Jones

(b. 16/05/1921 – d. 30/12/2011)

Frank Oxton Jones passed away in the last days of 2011, after a long period of ill health. A Requiem Mass was held at the church of Our Lady of Fatima in Meadowbank, which Frank designed in the late 1970’s.

Frank designed a large number of buildings, including many churches, some in collaboration with other architects such as Richard Toy. Works include Anglican Cathedral, Parnell; All Saints, Ponsonby; St Johns, Te Awamutu; Catholic Church,Raglan; as well as many buildings during his time with the Auckland City Council Architects Office and in his own practice, latterly with Grant Coupland.

His own house in Mainstrom Rd (designed Sept 1967) is a refined testimony to his abilities and attention to detail.

Further information is being gathered and a history of Frank’s work and life will be added to the website shortly.

My condolences and appreciation to his family for their help and generosity.

If you have any information about this architect, please let me know via the contact page.