William Gummer

Highly successful architect with wide experience. Received his articles working with W.A. Holman and then left for Europe in his early twenties, working for Edwin Lutyen’s practice in England. Was an associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects and then travelled to America where he worked briefly in the Chicago office of Daniel Burnham. Returned to Auckland and started work with Hoggard & Prouse in 1913 until setting up practice with Reginald Ford in 1923.

Gummer and Ford as a practice, produced  many buildings of significance (Dilworth Building, Auckland Railway Station, State Fire & Insurance, Wellington’s Dominion Museum) as well as numerous houses and smaller structures. Gummer’s own house ‘Stoneways’ is particularly notable in relation to earlier works (Tauroa, Craggy Range, etc..) in the Hawkes Bay after his return in 1913.